Larson Transportation Institute Facilities

BATTERY is co-located with Crash Safety and the Bus Research and Testing Center at the Larson Institute Test Track Facility

Test Track Facility

The Larson Institute's full-scale Transportation Research Facilities include a closed course test track designed to accommodate a broad range of research activities. The facility features a 1-mile oval, a large vehicle handling area, and a vehicle durability-testing course that allows additional pavement, vehicle, and appurtenance testing. The facility includes a special test section where test surfaces can be installed on a temporary basis. Current activities include crash testing of anti-terrorist barriers, comprehensive testing of new bus models and extensive battery testing.

The Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory is equipped with four test and maintenance bays and provides ample space for vehicle research, maintenance and testing. Power-processing and environmental control equipment in the lab provides hardware-in-the-loop simulation and test capability for vehicle battery packs and electric drivetrains.

BATTERY at the Test Track

Housed within the test track facility, the Battery Application Testing and Technology Energy Research Laboratory operates a 250kW power processor, large environmental chamber, and powerful embedded real-time simulation and controller electronics. The following points summarize the technical capabilities of the laboratory equipment.

  • Power processor with full on-off real-time dynamic loading ramp rate of ΒΌ second
  • Continuous electrical loading limits are +/- 1000 VDC or +/- 1000 ADC, with in 250kW
  • Environmental control limitations are -65 to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity control is also an option within physical limits

dSPACE Hardware-in-the-Loop

BATTERY specializes in component-in-the-loop testing which includes full scale and single cell testing/simulations as well as battery management and supervisor controller development and testing. Control algorithms are tested on embedded controllers while loaded by HIL benches such as our dSPACE and Simulink Real-Time systems. Our system designs and programming expertise provide a wide range of testing including long duration and automated simulations.

  • Automated and systematic testing
  • Wide range of failure injection testing
  • Open or closed-loop environment
  • Real-time simulation

Simulink Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop

The laboratories 250kW power processing equipment is also paired with our full-vehicle real-time simulation systems developed in MATLAB Simulink and deployed to our Simulink Real-Time Target environment. This system is co-located with our institutes 350 HP, large-roll (72 inch diameter), motoring dynamometer allowing for Battery and/or powertrain HIL. Battery systems can be evaluated in real-time while the rest of the vehicle or system is simulated. Also, powertrain systems can be tested similarly while powered by simulated battery systems. All at full scale.

  • Rapid test setup and data analysis
  • Quick response to changing requirements
  • Wide range of automated testing capabilities