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This is Victoria Raish's website for Penn State Design Studio in which we design new educational software to spin the game of education, sometimes quite literally.

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Levels of Design Studio

Professional Experience

I am a Ph.D. Student in Learning, Design, and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. This is my second year in the program and my research interests lie with systemic change in education, cybercharter schools, and digital badges. I received my Master's Degree from the University of Southern California in Secondary Science Teaching and my undergraduate degree from Mercyhurst College in Biology. Prior to enrolling in the Ph.D. program I was a middle school instructor at a hybrid charter school in life and earth and space science. My neatest experience to date has been working for the NASA American Education Services Project this summer in helping to develop their digital badging system for Teacher Professional Development.

While at Penn State I have published one article in Elearn Magazine: Yammer in the Classroom and cowrote a book chapter with my advisor on the effectiveness and funding of cybercharter schools. In addition to this, I am currently working on 2-3 articles and creating a digital badge system for information literacy to use in the libraries as part of my assistantship.

Summary of the Levels of Design Studio

Levels of Penn State Design Studio


Visual Representation

Web Design Introduction

  1. Design a Website Using

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • jQuery
  2. Produce a Video

  3. Use Photoshop to design graphics

  4. Use a Database to send and receive information

HTML Image

Flash Introduction

  • Use Flash to develop interactive multimedia

  • Build and Progam the Arduino

Flash Running

Interactive Design - Javascript Introduction

  1. Learn how to program in Javascript
  2. Learn the Fundamentals of:
    • jQuery
    • HTML5
    • CSS3


Debugging your Javascript

Emerging Technology Developer

  • Develop interactive software for Adobe Flash Builder
  • Program in an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP)

Debugging your Javascript

Multimedia Project Designer and Developer

  1. Opportunity to:
    • Design
    • Develop
    • Evaluate a complete multimedia project
  2. Which contains:
    • Clearly Identified Functionality
    • Easy to use navigation system
    • Careful attention to aesthetic design details

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My Passion

Childhood Cancer Advocacy. In addition to my professional experience, my service experience involves my biggest project to date - deciding to chair the Graduate Student Association THON™ committee!!

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