Astro 1: `Slides' for Class 29 - Telescopes at Non-optical Wavelengths

All-sky image in optical light

All-sky image in radio light (at a frequency of 408 MHz)

All-sky image in X-ray light (at energies of 2-10 keV)

The Milky Way Galaxy seen at multiple wavelengths

The Green Bank Telescope - a radio telescope (in Green Bank, West Virginia)

Comparison of the Green Bank Telescope (in Green Bank, West Virginia) to the Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty

The Arecibo radio telescope (in Puerto Rico)

The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope (in Socorro, New Mexico)

The Sun seen at radio wavelengths

Tycho's supernova remnant seen at radio wavelengths

The active galaxy M87 seen at radio wavelengths

The Hubble Space Telescope in orbit

The Uhuru X-ray satellite

The Chandra X-ray Observatory

The Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory

X-ray image of Jupiter made with the Chandra X-ray Observatory

X-ray image of Tycho's supernova remnant made with the Chandra X-ray Observatory

X-ray image of the Coma Cluster made with the ROSAT X-ray satellite

The active galaxy Centaurus A seen at X-ray, optical, and radio wavelengths

Chandra X-ray images of very distant quasars

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