Astro 1: `Slides' for Class 38 - The Terrestrial Planets

Relative sizes of the terrestrial planets

Mercury - Wide-field image

Mercury - Schematic diagram illustrating some of its main properties

Venus - Wide-field image showing the thick atmosphere

Venus - Vertical atmospheric structure

The Greenhouse Effect

Venus - The Venera 13 spacecraft

Venus - Image of the surface taken by the Venera 13 spacecraft

Venus - The Magellan spacecraft being launched by Space Shuttle Atlantis

Venus - Wide-field surface image made from radar mapping by the Magellan spacecraft

Earth - Wide-field image from space

Earth - The Eons and Eras of Earth

Earth - Plate tectonics

Earth - Pangaea (250 million years ago)

Earth - The "Ring of Fire"

Earth - Earth's Moon

Mars - Wide-field image

Mars - Olympus Mons - The largest volcano in the solar system - Almost as big as the state of Arizona

Mars - Yuty crater on surface

Mars - View of the South polar cap

Mars - Dust storms

Mars - Martian rock being studied by Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover

Mars - Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft

Mars - Mars' moon Phobos

Mars - Mars' moon Deimos

Mars - Martian meteorite found on Earth and studied intensively

Terrestrial planets found around a pulsar

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