Astro 1: `Slides' for Class 39 - The Jovian Planets and Pluto

The Jovian planets

The Voyager 2 spacecraft

The Galileo spacecraft (Jupiter explorer)

Galileo's first orbits in the Jupiter system

The Galileo probe being released

The Galileo probe's entry into Jupiter

The Cassini spacecraft (Saturn explorer)

Jupiter - Wide-field image

Jupiter - Interior composition of Jupiter and the other gas giant planets

Jupiter - Atmosphere and cloud layers

Jupiter - The Great Red Spot

Jupiter - Jupiter's magnetosphere

Jupiter - Aurora at Jupiter's pole

Jupiter - Ring system seen in infrared light

Jupiter - Ring system labeled

Saturn - Wide-field image

Saturn - Ring system labeled

Saturn - Close-up of the rings

Saturn - Shepherd moons of the F ring - Pandora and Prometheus

Saturn - Artist's impression of ring particles

Uranus - Wide-field image

Uranus - Large tilt compared to the other gas giant planets

Uranus - Extreme seasons

Uranus - Ring system and moons

Neptune - Wide-field image

Neptune - The Great Dark Spot and clouds

Neptune - Changing weather patterns

Neptune - Ring system

Neptune - Ring system labeled

Pluto - Surface features of Pluto and Charon

Pluto - Sizes of Pluto and Charon compared to the United States

Pluto - The Pluto-Charon orbit compared to the Earth

Pluto - The Pluto-Charon orbit compared to their orbit about the Sun

Pluto - Models for the interiors of Pluto and Charon

Pluto - Pluto's orbit compared to the Kuiper belt

Pluto - Mass and solar distance compared to other outer solar system objects

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