Astro 1: `Slides' for Class 41 - Moons of the Solar System

Some large moons of the Solar System compared with the terrestrial planets

Earth's Moon - Surface features

Earth's Moon - Surface features

Earth's Moon - Formation of a crater

Earth's Moon - Interior structure

Earth's Moon - Formation hypothesis

Earth's Moon - Formation hypothesis

Mars' moons - Deimos (left) and Phobos (right)

Mars' moons - Comparison with the asteroid Gaspra

Jupiter's moons - The four Galilean moons to scale

Jupiter's moons - Surface features on the Galilean moons

Jupiter's moons - Volcanoes on Io

Jupiter's moons - Close-up of the Prometheus volcano on Io

Jupiter's moons - Close-ups of surface features on Europa

Jupiter's moons - Close-up of ice fields (blue) and ice contaminants (red) - 780 miles across

Jupiter's moons - Surface features on Ganymede

Jupiter's moons - A crater chain on Ganymede

Jupiter's moons - The impact basin Valhalla on Callisto

Jupiter's moons - Small inner satellites - From left to right: Thebe, Amalthea, Adrastea, Metis

Jupiter's moons - Orbits of the small inner satellites

Jupiter's moons - Origin of ring particles from Jupiter's moons

Saturn's moons - Overall summary

Saturn's moons - Saturn's largest moon Titan - Surface features seen in near-infrared light by the Hubble Space Telescope

Saturn's moons - A model for Titan's atmosphere

Saturn's moons - Artist's impression of the Cassini probe landing on Titan

Saturn's moons - The ice moon Enceladus - Evidence for geologic activity from varying crater density

Saturn's moons - The ice moon Mimas - Note the large crater named Herschel

Saturn's moons - Shepherd moons of the F ring - Pandora and Prometheus

Uranus' moons - Inner moons of Uranus

Uranus' moons - Miranda - The surface is marred with "ovoids"

Neptune's moons - Triton - Nitrogen frost and geysers - Orbits Neptune "backward"

Neptune's moons - Nereid - Small moon in a large, elliptical orbit

Pluto's moon - Surface features of Pluto and Charon

Pluto's moon - The Pluto-Charon orbit compared to the Earth

Asteroid moons - The asteroid Ida with its moon Dactyl

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