Niel Brandt's Timelines and Scales of Measurement Page

These are some timelines and a scales of measurement list that I have made. I am always working to improve them and would appreciate any comments. I put updates here occasionally. Feel free to grab and save any of these files and to pass them on to your friends.

Loved by "New Scientist" magazine! See the 30 July 1994 issue cover and page 35!

The TEX files below are in plain TEX and require no macro files. You need to have a DVI / POSTSCRIPT / PDF viewer hooked into your browser to look at the DVI / POSTSCRIPT / PDF files. I have converted some of the files into ASCII and might convert the others soon. If anyone has already done this, I would be most interested.

Hope you enjoy them!

Cheers, Niel Brandt
(wnbrandt @