Matlab software for computing multiplicity structure of nonlinear systems

Key points:


As a suite of m-files, MULTIPLICITY becomes functional by simply adding the folder containing the routines to Matlab's search path.

Let's say that you have copied MULTIPLICITY onto your machine with the full path name of c:\mypath\Multiplicity, where "mypath" could be any path in the file structure of your machine. There are three basic options for adding MULTIPLICITY to the Matlab path:

  1. In Matlab (v.6.5 and above), use "File -> Set Path" on the Matlab menu bar to launch a dialog box for setting the path and use it to add "c:\mypath\Multiplicity" to the top of the search path. The change becomes effective immediately in the current session, while the "Save" button in the dialog box records it for future sessions.
  2. OR
  3. At the Matlab prompt (">>"), use the command ">> addpath c:\mypath\Multiplicity". MULTIPLICITY will then be available for the current session only.
Any one of these options is sufficient. See the Matlab help facility to obtain more detailed instructions on modifying the search path.

Old version MULTIPLICITY Download

New version MULTIPLICITY Download