2017 Individual Undergraduate Summer Research Program

    Organizer: Wenrui Hao

    A six-week REU program in computational modeling has taken place from 6/5-8/4. There are three students who work on different research projects with Dr. Wenrui Hao. The goal of this program is to train outstanding undergraduates at Penn State with a high-quality and enriching mathematical modeling research experience in the interface of mathematics and medical sciences.


  1. Ms. Yao Xiao, B.Sc. in Statistics, Penn State, now is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Her project was prediction of lower-extremity amputation by using deep learning techniques.

  2. Mr. Arazi Lubis, supported by the Institute for CyberScience, is a senior undergradute in Mathematics, Penn State. His project was early detection of Alzheimer's disease by using a mathematical model.

  3. Mr. Yifan Chen, supported by Office of Science Engagement, is a junior undergradute in Mathematics, Penn State. His project was modeling the cholesterol pathway.