2019 Undergraduate Summer Training Program: Scientific Computing and Applications (USTP-SCA)

    Organizer: Wenrui Hao

    Supported by the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications, National Science Foundation and American Heart Association.

    2019 USTP-SCA welcomes carefully selected undergraduate students from Penn State for a rich mathematical modeling research experience in summer. A three-week training class in basic computational methods and applications will be taught from 5/6-5/24. The class will be taught in the morning and the computational lab will be followed each afternoon. The students are expected to practice and do assignments during the lab. After the three-week class, students will have an opportunity to do a group research project by working with different mentors.


    To train undergraduates at Penn State with a high-quality and enriching scientific computing research experience in the interface of mathematics and engineering. Students work in a collaborative research team closely with their classmates under supervision of different mentors.

    Each participant may receive $1,500 stipend through this program.


    Morning class will take place at McAllister BLDG 216 from 10 am to 11 am. Afternoon Lab will take place at Boucke BLDG 111 from 1:30 pm to 3 pm.

    Mentors & instructors

    Wenrui Hao, Qingguo Hong, Ryan Murray, Jonathan Siegel, Jinchao Xu.

    Tentative Calendar

    Week 1 (05/06-05/10) Homotopy methods (Hao)

    Applications in biomedical diseases (Hao)

    Machine learning (Murray)
    Week 2 (05/13-05/17) Optimizations (Murray)

    Multigrid methods for boundary value problems (Hong)

    1d CNN (Hong/Xu)
    Week 3 (05/20-05/24) Machine learning (Siegel)
    Machine learning (Siegel)

    Machine learning (Xu/Siegel)