CALCULUS B for Life Sciences  


This is the hompage of Math 10360. You can find lots of information about Math 10360 like homework, instructor's office hours, exam information and more on this site. Click on the links on the left <<<.

This is a course primarily for students in science whose programs require a one-year course in calculus of one variable. Many of your peers in this class are aspiring biologist, biochemist, medical doctors and the such. But the course is also open to students in arts and letters so you will have an opportunity to make lots of friends across the ND campus. Topics include sets, functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, integrals, and applications. Click here for >>> Course Policy & Syllabus.

The key to success in learning mathematics is practice. You can find here a write up of "common wisdom" that could help you manage the learning opportunities you will be provided in this course. Click here for >>> Study Tips