Undergraduate Research Education

  • Summer 2019 2019 Undergraduate Summer Training Program: Scientific Computing and Applications (USTP-SCA)

  • Spring 2019 2019 Mathematical Outing for Undergraduates

  • Summer 2018 2018 Undergraduate Summer Training Program: Modeling and Computation in Biomedical Sciences (USTP-MCBS)

  • Summer 2017 2017 Individual Undergraduate Summer Research Program


  • Co-advise a high school student, Ms. Adithi Rao from North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics with Dr. Jeffrey Petrella from Duke Neuroradiology. Her project is exploring The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) database by a mathematical model. See more details from her slides for the International Science Challenge Competition on which she was a semifinalist.


  • Fall 2021, Math535 Linear algebra and applications

  • Fall 2020, Math451 Numerical Computation

  • Spring 2020, Math455 Numerical Analysis I

  • Fall 2019, Math597 Topic class in free boundary problems

  • Spring 2019, Math451 Numerical Computation

  • Fall 2018, Math451 Numerical Computation

  • Fall 2017, Math551 Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Spring 2017, Math451 Numerical Computation

  • Fall 2016 Math250 Ordinary Differential equations

  • Autumn 2014, Math1156 Calculus for the Biological Sciences

  • Summer 2010, Math10360 Calculus B

  • Fall 2011, Math10120 Finite Math