Yang Xu徐炀

College of Information Sciences and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University
Email 1: yvx5085 AT psu DOT edu
Office: 365 Westgate Building

I will join the Department of Computer Science, at San Diego State University, as an Assistant Professor from Fall 2018.

I obtained my Ph.D in Summer 2018, from the College of Information Sciences and Technology, the Pennsylvania State University. My advisor is Dr. David Reitter. Before joining Penn State, I received a Master degree from Department of Psychology at Tsinghua University in 2013. I received my Bachelor degree from Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua in 2010.

The topic of my dissertation work lies in the intersection of computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and cognitive sciences. I use computational methods to examine how people interact (linguistically and behaviorally) at multiple representation levels, from lower levels such as lexical and syntactic elements, to higher levels such as information content etc. By taking into account the interactions that occur across the broad spectrum of these representation levels, I look forward to obtain a unified perspective of dialogue that better captures the nature of human interaction.

My future research interests include: historical change of languages in the world, modeling dialogical interaction with distributed representations, the balance between predictability and uncertainty in language, and so on.

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