Low-temperature transport measurement room containing Oxford dilution refrigerator, Janis 3He refrigerator, and Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System as well as a wide variety of measurement instrumentation.

Dilution fridge measurement elecronics, computer, and Kelvinox Internal Gas Handling system. This crysotat has a base temperature of 20 mK, a maximum magnetic field of 8 T, and a maximum magnetic field gradient of 100 T/m.

Left: Dilution fridge with dewar raised (measurement configuration).

Right: Dilution fridge with dewar lowered (maintenance and sample loading configuration).

3He fridge with temperature controller and measurement electronics. This cryostat has a base temperature of 300 mK and a maximum magnetic field of 9 T.
Top of 3He fridge. Pumping lines, 3He storage container, electronic feedthroughs, and magnet leads are visible.

Left: PPMS controle console and measurement electronics.

Right: PPMS cryostat with dilution fridge in background. This cryostat has a base temperature of 1.8 K, maximum temperature of 400 K, and maximum magnetic field of 9 T.

Katie Liu and Ying Liu operating the PPMS system.

Sample preparation room.

Air shower unit containing Denton thermal evaporation system.

Denton thermal evaporation system for deposition of thin metallic films.
MTI three-zone programmable quartz furnace. This furnace has a maximum temperature of 1200C and can be operated under vacuum or controlled gas flow. Current available gases are Ar, H2, and CH4 for CVD graphene growth. Pictured with Conor Puls and Ying Liu.

Microscopy room containing optical and atomic force miscroscopes.

Left: Nikon Eclipse LV150 optical microscope with 1000x magnification.

Right: Digital Instruments NanoScope III scanning probe microscope (AFM/STM).