Thomas Krainer

Professor of Mathematics

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Writings on Teaching

T. Krainer, Recursive Sequences in First-Year Calculus. Internat. J. Math. Ed. Sci. Tech. 47 (2016), 299–314. PDF-file.

Geared towards a General Audience

T. Krainer, Of Rainbows and Drums. An Invitation to Spectral Theory. Penn State Altoona Research and Teaching Magazine, October 2014. PDF-file.
Note: The PDF-file contains animated content that many browser plugins and some PDF previewers (such as Apple's Preview) will not display. The Adobe Reader application should render the content properly.

Book (German)

H.A. Braunß, H. Junek, and T. Krainer, Grundkurs Mathematik in den Biowissenschaften. (A First Course of Mathematics for Students of the Life Sciences), 206 pages. Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2007. Link to Publisher.


Sage Worksheets for Vector Calculus (2011–2016). The link is to a public CoCalc directory.

Undergraduate Research Publication

T. Krainer and C. Zhou, An explicit third-order one-step method for autonomous scalar initial value problems of first order based on quadratic Taylor approximation. Involve 13 (2020), 231–255. PDF-file.