Application of the Time-Varying Koopman Operator for Bifurcation Analysis in Hypersonic Aerothermoelasticity

Damien Guého


A time-varying Koopman operator (TVKO) is presented to study the nonlinear coupled dynamics between structural dynamics, heat transfer, and hypersonic aerothermodynamics, viz. AeroThermoElasticity (ATE). TVKO can be considered as an extension of the classical time-invariant Koopman operator (TIKO). It utilizes a subspace realization method known as the time-varying Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (TVERA) to approximate the underlying nonlinear model as a time varying linear model in a lifting space from time histories of input-output data. A benchmark model depicting the complex ATE dynamics for the flutter of a heated panel is considered to show the efficacy of the presented approach. The numerical experiments performed demonstrate the accuracy of the presented approach in capturing the bifurcation behavior in limit cycle oscillations due to variations in dynamic pressure.

2022 AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition, San Diego, CA
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Damien Guého
Damien Guého
Aerospace Engineer

My research interests include data-driven modeling and system identification, analysis of complex dynamical systems, stochastic analysis and uncertainty quantification.