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Read Epi Info Data Files


Reads data files in the .REC format used by Epi Info versions 6 and earlier and by EpiData. Epi Info is a public domain database and statistics package produced by the US Centers for Disease Control and EpiData is a freely available data entry and validation system.


read.epiinfo(file, read.deleted = FALSE, guess.broken.dates = FALSE,
             thisyear = NULL, = FALSE)


file A filename, URL, or connection.
read.deleted Deleted records are read if TRUE, omitted if FALSE or replaced with NA if NA.
guess.broken.dates Attempt to convert dates with 0 or 2 digit year information (see Details below).
thisyear A 4-digit year to use for dates with no year. Defaults to the current year. Convert variable names to lowercase?


Epi Info allows dates to be specified with no year or with a 2 or 4 digits. Dates with four-digit years are always converted to Date class. With the guess.broken.dates option the function will attempt to convert two-digit years using the operating system's default method (see Date) and will use the current year or the thisyear argument for dates with no year information.

If read.deleted is TRUE the "deleted" attribute of the data frame indicates the deleted records.


A data frame.


Epi Info 2000, the current version, uses the Microsoft Access file format to store data. This may be readable with the RODBC or RDCOM packages.


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