Song Lyrics/Poetry

  • Chirag-i-Dair by Mirza Ghalib It is a translation so one must not forget the Italian adage "Traduttore, traditore" (translator, traitor). But what a translation!
  • Amir Khusro's poetry
  • Mushkilein mujh par padi by Ghalib
  • Tarab-fizaa by Hafeez Jalandhari
  • The poetry of (Delhi's own) Moumin Khan
  • Girl of North Country
  • It's Allright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  • Ek Tabassum by Josh Malihabadi
  • Aye kuch abr by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  • Sit
  • Round and Round
  • Father William
  • A poem by Emily Dickinson
  • Where the mind is without fear
  • "Begin" by Brendan Kennelly

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