Media coverage of selected articles and interviews: Peter Mészáros

19. 2020
(a) "China launches gamma ray hunting satellites to trace sources of gravitational waves" Interview in Science, Dec. 10, 2020, Posted in: Space doi:10.1126/science.abg1057
(b) "Astronomers find most distant Gamma-Ray Burst yet, Interview in Sky and Telescope, Dec. 15, 2020.

18. 2019
(a) "LHAASO and GRBs", interview in Science, 26 April 2019, Vol.364, Issue 6438, p.316, doi:10.1126/science.aax8038
(b) Nature highlighting editorial and online citation metrics of our article "Multi-messenger Astrophysics", Mészáros, P., Fox, D.B., Hanna, C. and Murase, K., 2019, Nature Reviews Physics, 1:585

17. 2018
"Astrophysical High-Energy Neutrinos", Mészáros, P., review article in Physics Today 71, 10, 36 (2018);,    for which a list of comments and citations is here.
"The ANITA Anomalous Events as Signatures of a Beyond Standard Model Particle, and Supporting Observations from IceCube", by Fox, D., Sigurdsson, S., Shandera, S., Mészáros, P., Murase, K., Mostafa, M. and Coutu, S., subm. to PRD (arXiv:1809.09615), Sept. 27, 2018 and ff., comments in, e.g., Science, ScienceLive, ScienceMag, Outer Places, Penn State Science, Scientific American, and a number of other websites, the whole list of 20+ reviews as of Oct. 4, 2018 is here
(c) Interview, Multimessenger astrophysics, TXS 0506 blazar and neutron star mergers (A. Finkbeiner, Sci. American, May 2018, p. 38).

16. 2017. Interviews about double neutron star mergers, short GRBs and gravitational wave event GW170817, in
Science, Oct. 16, 2017; Astronomy; Oct. 16, 2017; Scirate, Oct. 17, 2017; Penn State News, Oct. 17, 2017a; Penn State Science, Oct. 17, 2017b

15. 2016. "Discovery of a transient gamma-ray counterpart to FRB 131104", DeLaunay, J.; Fox, D.; Murase, K.; Mészáros, P.; Keivani, A.; Messick, C.; Mostafa, M.; Oikonomou, F.; Tesic, G.; Turley, C.; 2016, ApJ(Lett.) 832:L1 (arXiv:1611.03139), reviewed in ; Nature (news); Penn State News;; Media-INAF (Italy);;;; Hotnews; Voice of America; NSF news; Globalnet; Cafe-des.Sciences (France): TheRegister (U.K.); TALfeed; Daily Mail (U.K.); Modicanews; (Russia);; Grenzwissenschaft (Germany); Scinex (Germany); Worldnews: Tumblr; Technews; Coelum (Italy); Origo (Hungary); Europapress (Spain); Breakingnewspoint; Worldwidenews; Karpatinfo (Ukraine); Digitalnews; Allesoversterrenkunde (Netherlands); (Russia); (Russia); Latesttechnology; Skemman (Iceland); Avaruus (Finnland); and quite a few more....

14. 2016. The following three papers were highlighted in the American Astronomical Society AAS Nova website:
"Cosmic Transients Test Einstein's Equivalence Principle out to GeV Energies", He Gao et al. 2015 ApJ 810 121;
"Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle Using TeV Blazars", Jun-Jie Wei et al. 2016 ApJ 818 L2;
"Constraints on the Photon Mass with Fast Radio Bursts", Xue-Feng Wu et al. 2016 ApJ 822 L15;
(items 1, 2 and 6 in the special issue at Focus on Exploring Fundamental Physics With Extragalactic Transients ; and
Testing Fundamental Assumptions); also the AAS Nova facebook page; the AAS Nova twitter account; the AAS facebook page.

13. 2015. "Testing Einstein's Equivalence Principle With Fast Radio Bursts"
Jun-Jie Wei, He Gao, Xue-Feng Wu and Peter Mészáros,
2015, Phys.Rev.Lett., 115, 261101 (PRL Editor's suggestion) (arXiv:1512.07670)
reviews in 14+ outlets here; and other media clippings

12. 2014. "Probe lifts the veil on the Universe's brightest explosions", in
NBC News,

11. "Gamma-ray bursts' highest power side unveiled by Fermi telescope", in
PSU News ,    Science News ,    SpaceRef ,    ZeeNews   

10. 2012. "Rare space experiment gives clues about the fundamental structure of the universe", in
PSU Science,    EurekAlert! ,    HighBeam ,   

9. 2012. "Superbright Explosion is Most Distant Object ever visible to the naked eye", in
PSU News ,,    Topix   

8. "An engine for Mind-boggling blasts", in

7. "Gamma-ray bursts active longer than previously thought", in
PSU Science,   

6. "Black hole swallows neutron star, observations suggest", in,    NASA News,,    USA Today, 2005,    New York Times, 2005/10/05,    Science News,    Toptechnews,

5. "Swift satellite finds newborn black holes", in
NASA News;    ScienceDaily,   

4. "Scientists trace gamma rays to collision of dead stars", in
New York Times,   

3. "Robotic telescopes catch up with Gamma Ray Bursts", in

2. "Stellar Explosion helps astronomers", in
Center Daily Times, 1998 May 7, p.1A

1. "Long afterglows reveal the secrets of distant fireballs", in