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new [arXiv] M. Wu, V. Itskov. A Topological Approach to Inferring the Intrinsic Dimension of Convex Sensing Data. 2020.
[arXiv] K. Morrison, A. Degeratu, V. Itskov, C. Curto. Diversity of emergent dynamics in competitive threshold-linear networks: a preliminary report. 2016.

Peer-reviewed publications:

[pdf] V. Itskov, A. Kunin, Z. Rosen. Hyperplane neural codes and the polar complex. The Abel Symposia proceedings, vol 15, pp. 343-369, 2020.
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[link] K.D. Harris, P. Bartho, P. Chadderton, C. Curto, J. de la Rocha, L. Hollender, V. Itskov, A. Luczak, S. Marguet, A. Renart, S. Sakata. How do neurons work together? Lessons from auditory cortex. Hearing Research, 271(1-2), 2011.
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[pdf] V. Itskov, L.F. Abbott. Capacity of a Perceptron for Sparse Discrimination . Phys. Rev. Lett. 101(1), 2008.
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[pdf] V. Itskov, M.Karasev, and Yu.Vorobjev. Infinitesimal Poisson cohomology. In "Coherent transform, quantization, and Poisson geometry". AMS Trans. Ser. 2, 187, 327-360, 1998.

Book chapters:

[pdf] C. Curto, V. Itskov. Combinatorial neural codes. Book chapter to appear in the Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, 2016

Miscellaneus writing:

1) A pitch for more theory -- a white paper at an eclectic workshop.